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HERE’S WHAT READERS ARE SAYING about Holding on to Mamie:

I started reading your book and could not put in down.
A. Wortzman

Your book was powerful, poignant, passionate and compassionate. It was insightful, educational, and very relevant. What amazed me the most was the human factors - how each relative reacted to another and to the information going their way. Your writing style made me think that you were sitting across from me at my kitchen table and we were having a cup of tea while you were relating your story.
J. Douglas

An amazing story that will help lots of people in similar situations.
B. Pollard

I just finished your book. I loved it. I had a hard time putting it down.
S. Kayler  

I read your book in three days because it was so compelling. You write so well that my heart ached for you.
C. Cottick

Reading your book Holding on to Mamie was a profoundly moving experience for me. Books about dementia, especially with our aging population, are important to our understanding of the disease process and its effect on family and society. Thank you!
K. Wozny